Corporate Governance

Our Directors recognise the importance of corporate governance and offering of high standards of accountability to our Shareholders.

Our Board has formed three (3) committees: (i) the Nominating Committee; (ii) the Remuneration Committee; and (iii) the Audit Committee. In addition, we have appointed Loo Hock Leong as our Lead Independent Director. As our Lead Independent Director, he is the contact person for Shareholders in situations where there are concerns or issues which communication with our Non-executive Chairman, CEO, and/or CFO has failed to resolve or where such communication is inappropriate.

Our Board of Directors comprises five (5) Directors, of which three (3) are Independent Directors. Our Independent Directors do not have any past or existing business or professional relationship of a material nature with our Group, our other Directors and/or Substantial Shareholder. Our Independent Directors are also not related to other Directors and/or Substantial Shareholder.